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How much is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning CostTeeth Cleaning is one of the many ways you can maintain a good oral health and help prevent other dental problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, and tooth extraction. Ideally, professional dental cleaning is recommended to be done twice a year with an interval of every 6 months.

With the available teeth cleaning system we have at home, there are several areas that are not thoroughly cleaned such as the far back of the mouth where the wisdom teeth are at, the area beneath the gum line, and the in betweens of teeth.

When this is not professionally cleaned, bacteria will thrive due to plaque build-up and this will promote a plethora of dental problems.

To help prevent this, schedule an appointment with your best Macquarie Park dentist for an every 6-month dental cleaning and comprehensive check-up. In the continuous advocacy to promote better oral health for all, most dental clinics also have a service to remind patients of their upcoming dental appointments for teeth cleaning so they will not miss it.

Dental Cleaning Cost in Sydney

In Sydney, the average dental check up and cleaning cost ranges between $200 – $250 for just the professional dental cleaning alone.

Dental Cleaning Cost at North Ryde Dentistry

At North Ryde Dentistry, teeth cleaning and comprehensive dental check-up goes hand in hand and this is part of our Preventive Dentistry measures for our patients. This can help with determining problems before it gets worse and allows our dentists to treat any dental concerns at its early stage.

For our new patients, we offer our New Patient Teeth Cleaning Cost for $149 (or No-Gap dental with no out-of-pocket expense for you) which comprises of:

  • Dental cleaning and tooth scaling
  • Comprehensive dental check-up
  • Fluoride application
  • 2x Bite-Wing Xrays
  • OPG / Panoramic Xray for an additional $40

For a returning patient, we also offer a Returning Patient Teeth Cleaning Cost for $150 with comprehensive oral health examination and teeth cleaning Sydney, consultation, and fluoride treatment.

If recommended for a deep teeth cleaning cost, North Ryde Dentistry provides a reasonable priced cost of $85 per tooth depending on the area or the tooth infected.

Call us today for a consultation and be one step closer to a healthier mouth.


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