Despite being highly preventable, tooth decay is considered as one of the most common diseases in Australia. In fact, a report from the Australian Dental Association recognises 25.5% of adults aged 15+ have untreated tooth decay.

Tooth decay can be prevented through a number of preventive measures and this includes healthy oral health practices such as twice to three times a day toothbrushing coupled by mouth washing and flossing, and a twice a year visit to your dentist for dental cleaning Sydney.

While there are several home care practices that contribute to good oral health such as daily tooth brushing and flossing, there are still certain areas in the mouth that cannot be reached by your toothbrush. This includes the wisdom teeth which are located at the far back of the mouth, the area beneath your gum line, and the inbetweens of the teeth especially for those with crooked  teeth.

Sometimes, patients also forget to brush their tongue and the back of their front teeth.

When patients are unable to thoroughly clean their mouth, plaque builds-up and causes bacteria to thrive. This accumulation of bacteria causes a number of dental problems and this includes tooth decay and bad breath.

To help with this, special teeth cleaning instruments need to be used to help with removal of calculus and plaque deposits. Calculus is hardened plaque which has not been cleaned over time.

This almost feels like cement against your teeth and houses bacteria that contributes to periodontal diseases and is linked to heart disease.

At North Ryde Dentistry, an appointment for teeth cleaning does not only include the scaling and polishing of your teeth to remove plaque build-up. It also consists of several preventive procedures that will help you kickstart your journey towards optimum oral health.

Here are some of the many ways our Preventive Dentistry procedures can benefit you:

  • Comprehensive dental check-up
  • Teeth cleaning, tooth washing, scaling, and polishing
  • Removal of calcular deposits and plaque beneath the gum line that may induce gum irritation
  • Reduces bad breath due to bacterial accumulation from plaque build-up
  • Promotes brighter and whiter smile
  • Prevention of tooth decay through detection of its early signs
  • Management of unhealthy oral habits before it worsens
  • Identification of other concerns such as oral cancers
  • Patient education and awareness on oral health

As for Teeth cleaning cost for new patients, our offer of $149 for teeth cleaning Sydney already includes dental cleaning and scaling, comprehensive dental check up, fluoride application, and 2 bite wing X-rays. All of which are important for Preventive Dentistry. 

For returning patients, your annual, twice a year visit to us for teeth cleaning, dental check-up, and fluoride application is $150. Should you need deep cleaning, we charge $85 per tooth depending on the tooth and the gum infected.

Teeth Cleaning Process

When you come to your dentist Macquarie Park for your teeth cleaning appointment, there are several procedures you can expect.

There are a plethora of things your dentist can spot with just one visit for teeth cleaning Sydney. This includes the presence of dental problems such as tooth decay, gum irritation, oral cancers, and bad oral habits.

If it is your first visit with us, a personalised treatment plan will be made for you to address these problems. We value holistic dental care and this entails awareness of dental concerns so treatment and management can be made before it gets worse. 

The use of sharp vibrating scalers allow your dentist to clean the surfaces of your teeth, removing calculus and plaque build-up. Some sensitivity may be felt especially when removing deposits from underneath the gum line and for those patients with hard and thick calculus but this is definitely tolerable.

You also need not worry as this process does not damage your teeth. Healthy tooth enamel is strong enough to withstand such scalers and removal is only on the irritants.

After removal of the plaque and calculus, polishing of the tooth surface is necessary to smoothen the areas, giving off a shiny and whiter finish. Teeth cleaning Sydney is one of the ways you can brighten your smile without having to undergo teeth whitening.

Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth and stops the acceleration of early onset tooth decay. Your appointment with us consists of a fluoride application on the surfaces of teeth to encourage better oral health.

Awareness of your dental health is also one of the many things we prioritise with your every visit. This is made possible by keeping you educated on the things you should to maintain a healthy mouth and a proper rerun on good oral health practices that you should keep in mind.

Make your dental cleaning and oral health a priority. Schedule an appointment with us today.