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What is a Tooth Filling?

Tooth FillingRestorative Treatment is a dental procedure that helps preserve the natural tooth while restoring and enhancing its functional abilities.

Dental fillings are one of the many restorative procedures that help with restoring the tooth to its best state.

In the presence of dental decay, toothache and rapid continuous damage of the tooth happens.

To prevent more complicated procedures such as root canal therapy, or worse, tooth extraction, dental fillings are done.

The process of tooth filling entails removal of the decaying part of the tooth. From this, the dentist can figure out whether the tooth can be saved through dental fillings Macquarie Park.

More extensive decay that involves most of the surface area of the tooth will need a different procedure altogether. After removal, you and your dentist will discuss the material of choice for your tooth  filling. This choice is dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • Location of tooth in the mouth – front teeth would need dental fillings North Ryde with better aesthetic properties while molars would require a durable material to encourage chewing.

  • Depth and width of the cavity – certain tooth filling materials work well when the cavity is smaller while some rely on bulk of the material for better strength and longevity.

  • Patient’s budget and expectations – so how much does a filling cost? The range of the tooth filling cost varies depending on the material of choice. Glass ionomers and composites are among the cheaper rates while gold and porcelain are more costly.

Tooth Fillings at North Ryde Dentistry

1. Glass Ionomer 

This tooth filling is recommended to younger patients as the fluoride-releasing capacity of glass ionomer helps with strengthening the tooth. However, this is not advised for bigger cavities as this does not promise longevity.

2. Dental Composite

This is one of the most common dental fillings. Modern dental composites not only possess great natural finishes for excellent aesthetics, but they also have superior durability.

3. Ceramics

A highly durable and aesthetic material that outperforms dental cosmetics as it does not shrink overtime and therefore is a good choice for longer lasting dental filling.

4. Porcelain Inlay or Onlay

For multiple tooth surface restoration, porcelain is advised as the bulk of this tooth filling has great strength that can withstand chewing forces without worries of dislodging.

5. Gold

Gold is the most biocompatible material that possesses the best strength and durability. However, the color is unsightly making it less popular of a choice for dental fillings.


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