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Safety and Security Behind Dental Fillings

It should be noted that dental fillings are applied directly to your teeth. You can feel dental fillings using your tongue making it partially exposed to the surrounding area of the mouth.

Because of this, a number of individuals have concerns with their dental fillings as they don’t want a material that may harm their body. Let us look at some of the concerns revolving around fillings North Ryde.

When talking about which tooth filling is safest, the composite filling is often included in the discussion because of the material that is used with their creation. Composite fillings are made with a mixture of ceramic and plastic compound making them practically safe.

There have been some concerns with amalgam fillings because of the mercury compound found in them. This is the reason why a number of individuals are meaning to get the answer to the question, “are tooth fillings dangerous?”

With that being said, the mercury found in amalgam fillings are isolated making them safe and secured.

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Can old fillings make you sick? Even the strongest material can erode over time and the same can also be said with regards to your dental fillings in Macquarie Park.

For that matter, it is important that you check with your dentist from time to time in order to determine if there is a need to have them replaced or fixed.

Failure to do so can make bacteria to thrive in your fillings which often results to tooth decay and other oral issues.



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