Dental Emergency

What To Do During a Dental Emergency?

Dental EmergencyThere are many possible situations where an emergency dentist Macquarie Park is of great help.

Several accidents can occur at any time of day and this may include toothaches that are already affecting your normal living, chipped or fractured teeth, completely knocked-out teeth, lip and cheek trauma, to those more urgent cases such as facial fractures.

In whatever emergency dental situation you are in, the first thing to do is to remain calm and to assess the situation so you can proceed with the correct first aid measure.

Applying the correct first aid greatly increases the chance of a better outcome for the problem at hand.

But what do you exactly do in the face of these emergency situations? Here we have compiled some common dental emergencies and what to do in such cases.


Toothaches are often non-emergent unless the pain has been put off for so long that it has prevented normalcy such as proper sleeping or working in which you now need an emergency toothache relief.

A schedule to your emergency dentist North Ryde is recommended to locate and treat the source of pain. Until then, patients are advised to gargle saltwater and maintain healthy oral hygiene habits to relieve pain.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Cleaning the mouth is important in cases of chipped teeth to prevent infection. Gargle with a mild salt solution and observe for bleeding and pain.

These are things you should mention to your emergency dentist as this gauges the severity of the case. Immediately schedule an emergency appointment with your emergency dentist Sydney to resolve the problem and to fix your smile.

Completely Knocked-out Teeth

Avulsed teeth are highly emergent and time dependent. Gargle with a mild salt solution to disinfect your mouth and put the knocked-out teeth in a container with milk to preserve it but refrain from touching the tooth root.

If you can reinsert the tooth into the socket, do so. The earlier you can visit your Macquarie Park emergency dentist, the more likely your dentist can save your tooth.

Soft Tissue Trauma

A bite to the lip or the cheek or any accident that may cause trauma to these soft tissues must first be disinfected to avoid other complications. Gargle with a mild salt solution and observe for any signs of bleeding.

Visit your dentist so the appropriate emergency dental care Sydney treatment can be rendered.

Facial Traumas

Terrible accidents may cause excessive damage to the face, jaws, and teeth. Immediately escort the patient to the nearest facility with emergency dental services so the proper care and treatment can be done.

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12 Jul, 2021

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