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Toothache 101: Emergency Toothache Relief

Emergency Toothache ReliefThere are many reasons why you could be experiencing toothache or dental pain. It can be quite a problem especially if the pain is too severe that your work or studies are already affected.

Oftentimes, toothache is caused by a stuck object or food debris between teeth or tooth cavity, tooth decay, exposed tooth nerve, presence of infection, damaged tooth filling, failed previous dental treatment, and infected gums.

This can be an initial sign for a more serious dental problem so remember to visit your dentist Macquarie Park as soon as possible so the source of pain can be treated and managed.

However in cases where you need immediate relief, there are several ways you can tend to a toothache. Depending on the level of pain, some first aid measures can be applied to manage the pain and the associated symptoms of toothache.

Dental Emergency Tips for Toothache

  1. Rinse the mouth with a warm and mild salt solution to disinfect the area.

  2. It is also best to note the source of pain as sometimes this can be due to food impaction. For this situation, removing the irritant can immediately provide pain relief. Use a dental floss or tweezers to remove the food debris and apply cold pressure on the area after.

  3. Take painkillers. For acute pain associated with dental problems such as tooth decay or exposed tooth nerve, taking painkillers to lessen the pain may help you get through the day. 

  4. Repeat steps 1 and 3 for nagging toothache and once the effect of the painkillers have subsided. It should be noted that medications to relieve pain is a short term solution, thus it is recommended that you immediately visit your Macquarie Park emergency dentist so proper treatment can be rendered.

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