Dental Implants


Dental Implant Package Special (Implant + Post + Crown), save up to 30% off Dental Implant. Also includes Free Consultation with Treatment Acceptance.***

*Website Special Conditions: Offer subjects to change without notice. Must mention this special when you are booking your appointment. 5 year warranty applies to patients who have attended for regular six month gap-free check-up and clean at any of our surgery locations (for those without health funds this is capped at $175 per visit). Because every case is different, consultation prior to treatment is required (at standard consultation fee) to determine if your case is eligible for this special. For example, major bone graft cases need collaboration with specialists.

Dental Implants

Implants are now at the forefront of modern dentistry. Implants offer a permanent solution to replace already missing or damaged teeth that are not able to be fixed with the old traditional methods in dentistry.Dental Implant

Utilising in house 3D scans and we are able to plan, treat and deliver an implant crown with a functional and aesthetic outcome in mind. The implant procedure is often carried out over a number of visits. This allows the implant to become integrated and act like a root of a tooth prior to placing a crown on the top.

What do you mean by dental implants?

These are replacement roots of teeth that give a durable foundation for both fixed or removable replacement teeth that go well with the appearance of your natural teeth.

What are its advantages?

Dental implants are infused with the bone and they look like and function as normal teeth. In return you will also have no problems with speech since you won’t fear that your dentures might fall off each time you speak. It is also comfortable to use since it fits like your natural teeth and it also functions as such; hence you won’t have problems chewing food. In the same way, you can eat everything since you won’t have any more eating concerns like you used to.

Dental implants also help boost your self-confidence. The implants will allow for easy access to the teeth unlike dentures and this enhances the practice of oral hygiene. Most of your teeth are left intact and not altered to accommodate the implants; this means that you can still clean your teeth with brushing and flossing without any difficulty.

Dental implants are also durable that some of them last a lifetime. They are also very convenient to use since there is no need to remove them like dentures. You also have no concerns about adhesives that you normally use to keep dentures in place.

What are the chances for dental implants to be successful?

The success of dental implants depends on a number of facts such as bone density, implant site, overall health of the individual receiving an implant as well as social and localised factors ( such as smoking and preexisrting gum disease). These all affect the success rate of the dental implants. However, in general, it has been recorded that dental implants have very high sucess rate.

Who can have dental implants?

Anyone who is healthy can have dental implants. The patient should have enough bone and healthy gums. The person should also be meticulous about oral hygiene and regular dental visits. It is important for those who have chronic medical conditions, for example diabetes, heart disease or who had radiation therapy on the neck and head area should ask for medical clearance or should consult a physician first before going through the process.

Is it painful to have dental implants?

Majority of those who had dental implants disclosed that there was only slight inconvenience during and after the procedure. Only local anesthesia was used, and surprisingly it was not as painful as tooth extraction.

There might be soreness after the implants are placed but it can be treated through over-the-counter pain relievers.

Is there special care and maintenance for dental implants?

Taking care of the implants is like taking care of your real teeth. It can be done through daily brushing twice, flossing, and rinsing with the use of antiseptic mouthwash at least once a day.


We offer a competitive rate for our Basic Dental Implant* and restoration (Website special price of $3495). We keep our costs down by performing the procedure EFFICIENTLY and PRECISELY, as well as utilising state of the art dental equipments such as low radiation Cone Beam CT scan, CADCAM** generated ceramic crown, and precision milled dental implant system made in USA.

*Does not include bone augmentation/grafting treatment, or soft tissue surgery which may be necessary to improve the function or aesthetic of the implant restoration. Simple bone grafting can be performed at the time of surgery at $300 additional fee. For procedure that requires specialist care, a referral will be made to one of our trusted specialists, or one preferred by you.
** Cerec chairside crown made to fit the implant abutment is the standard treatment provided with this promotion. If you prefer an implant crown made by a dental lab, the dentist will advise you of the lab fee that may incur on top of the promotional price.

Unlike some surgeries, our quote will usually cover most of the procedure including the Cone Beam CT scan, implant surgery and implant crown. Additional gum surgery and bone augmentation/ grafting is not included as part of the quote and can be discussed during consultation and review. 5 year warranty applies to patients who have attended for regular six month gap-free check-up and clean at any of our surgery locations.



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