Preventive Dentistry


What Do You Get with Preventive Dentistry?

People experience a variety of dental problems all throughout their life. The teeth and gums are not the only target but the whole mouth as well.We are the best dentistry in North Ryde.

Many often take oral health lightly or  for granted. This may cause issues in the future. This  makes it very important to take extra effort in keeping our teeth in good shape from the very start.

But where does one start with the oral health journey? Preventive Dentistry at North Ryde Dentistry gives patients the necessary treatment as well as positive encouragement to ensure long term dental health .

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Preventive dentistry just as the name implies helps keep tooth problems such as cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss as well as periodontitis at bay and reducing the likelihood of their development. This is done by sharing a thorough understanding and knowledge about proper oral health and hygiene.

A good example of this is by teaching our patients how to get the most out of their daily brushing and regular flossing which are considered to be a form of preventive dentistry.

Did you know that most people spend a minute or less in brushing their teeth? Dentists around the world as well agree that proper brushing takes at least two minutes. Our health professionals at North Ryde Dentistry focus on preventative dentistry to prevent problems even before they start.

Preventative Dentistry will also be able to tackle other helpful areas such as diet and lifestyle that also contribute in keeping our teeth in tip top shape. Limiting consumption and frequencyof foods such as  sweets,  alcohol, carbonated drinks etc  will definitely go a long way with effective oral care.

Dental Cleaning

It should be noted that there are some areas of our teeth that we sometimes can’t reach even if we practice good oral care and hygiene at home. This is where preventative dentistry and its related services become quite handy.

Prevention dentists in North Ryde  offer professional dental cleaning.  This procedure works by removing tartar in areas that are difficult to clean.

It should be noted that tartar is respWe are the best dentistry in North Ryde.onsible in the development of tooth decay and cavities and gum disease, that can lead to more serious health problems. Tartar cannot be cleaned or removed by yourself and thus must be cleaned by your dental professional.

Other handy services preventive dentistry offers include comprehensive checkups and examinations, x-rays, fluoride treatments,  tooth sealants and many more.

Schedule an appointment in advance with our  preventive dentist to have your teeth checked for any problems. Also be sure to make it a point to visit the dentist regularly. This will keep dental related issues to a minimum.